The training cell conducts third session of ‘Vimarsh’

Third session of Vimarsh was concluded on 28th June 2018. The discussion was specific on the courses attended by CIDCO Officers and their individual feedbacks on course contents and institute. All training participants from the month of May ’18 were invited. Participants who had gone to ASCI, CSE, ESCI, INGAF, IIMA and NPC attended the discussion.

Most of the feedbacks received were positive. Participants who had gone for training to Administrative Staff College of India were very happy. Their training consisted of site visits as well, which was very useful to their day-to-day work life. Institutes Like ASCI and ESCI also arranges city tour for their participants.

One of the senior leader suggested that junior employees should take the trainings seriously and select training according to their profile and projects they are working on. The senior leader expected some more solemnity to the learnings during the course. One of the participant requested for specific courses for her department, where Training Cell informed her about few relevant courses and conveyed her on any further inputs or suggestions for adding more courses that are specific.

Overall employees had a very good experience regarding training. They appreciated efforts done by the Training Cell and were thankful to the management to provide such an opportunity to CIDCO employees.