The training cell conducts second ‘Vimarsh’ session

Second session of ‘Vimarsh’ took place on 11th May, 2018. All training attendees from the month of March and April 2018 were invited. 13 participants who went to ASCI, ESCI, IIMB, NPC and NCTSR attended the discussion.

The feedback received was positive and almost all of them intend to bring a change, either at their personal or professional desk. Participants who had gone for training to IIMB were specifically very happy and recommended that each employee of CIDCO should go there at least once. One of the participants said, “IIMB focuses on complete development and apart from the training also teaches ways to overcome stress.”

Upon a query, the training cell informed the participants that the selection of courses is done on the basis of TNA done for the employees of CIDCO and prior to upload, the courses are approved from the respective HODs and JMD. Some participants suggested on conducting specialized trainings and were subsequently explained about customized trainings and the request procedure.

Many of the participants had attended a training for the first time and would like to have such trainings in future as well.