The training cell conducts fifth session of ‘Vimarsh’

Fifth Session of Vimarsh took place on 24th October 2018 with the objective of understanding and sharing the participant feedback in regard to their learnings, stay, faculty and the institute they went to. Participants also spoke about the ease of using Ujjwal and the expected future trainings.  14 employees participated in the discussion forum bringing forward varied experiences from institutes like IIM-A, IIM-C, ISB, ASCI, ESCI and IRMA-Anand.

Employees who went to IIMA were extremely happy with the standard of the training and the course delivery. The course on Theory of Relativity helped them understand the dynamic nature of an organizational setup, ways to establish a relationship matrix and understand the authority in the organizational set up. The other course conducted at Ahmedabad campus engaged the participants extensively in assignments and role plays for enhancing communication strategies. They were also happy with Ujjwal Team’s assistance on course selection. Participants who went to IIMC, ESCI and IRMA appreciated the overall course content and delivery by faculty, campus premises, boarding and food arrangements. They were impressed by the punctuality and professionalism maintained throughout the training programme. Participant who attended training in IIMC praised the faculty for modifying the course content as per participants’ expectations.

Emphasizing on the benefits of the attended training in personal and professional growth, the participants requested the training cell to insist every employee of CIDCO to attend a training. Some participants suggested cross-functional learning within different departments in CIDCO, in response the training cell explained them the procedure to raise customized training programme request for the same.

Most of the employees were happy with their learning experience through Ujjwal. They appreciated efforts done by the training cell and were thankful to the management for providing such an opportunity to CIDCO employees.