The training cell conducts 4th session of ‘Vimarsh’

The training cell conducted 4th session of ‘Vimarsh’ on 3rd August 2018 where they spoke with all available training participants of June ’18. These participants had attended training programs in different institutes like ASCI, CSE, ESCI, IIMC and IIRS. The discussion was specific to experiences and individual feedback on course contents and the institutes.

IIRS and CSE received positive reviews, the participants were quite happy with the course delivery. The course in IIRS provided the participants with worthy insights on application of GIS and an opportunity to interact with the senior scientists on its use. Engineers who attended the training at CSE were impressed by the energy efficiency and resource management practices implemented in its campus introduced during the training and through various experiences shared by practicing architects.

The participants were happy with their program in ASCI and were keen on recommending the Institute to others. The site visits during the training helped them understand the topic thoroughly. They found the campus, accommodation and food exceptionally good. They felt the course was very informative, however one of the participant felt that the programme was more relevant to beginners and inclined towards project administrators rather than planners. This participant also felt that Ujjwal has very few courses for planners, while it was duly conveyed that there are lot more courses for planning department and almost all officials from planning have already gone for the related courses of their interest and relevance to their roles in the department. Several courses relevant to planning available on the portal are repetitively organized every year by respective organizations. Training cell also explained that employees can always suggest courses to be uploaded.

Overall employees had very good feedback regarding trainings. They appreciated efforts done by Training Cell and were thankful to the management to provide such an opportunity to CIDCO employees.