NIUA-CIDCO Smart City Lab establishes a Training Cell at CIDCO, Navi Mumbai

On 15th May, 2017, NIUA-CIDCO Smart City Lab established a Training Cell at CIDCO, Navi Mumbai to facilitate the implementation of CIDCO’s Training Policy. The primary aim of the Cell is to support CIDCO and its officers in the identification of training needs and facilitation of participation in corresponding training programmes.

Lead by the Training Coordinator, Ms. Manjali Arora Suneja the Training Cell is situated at CIDCO Bhavan in Navi Mumbai to ensure dedicated support to the capacity building activities within CIDCO. It works in close collaboration with NIUA’s New Delhi office. The Cell is focused on promoting use of Ujjwal, CIDCO’s first Training Portal, through trainings for CIDCO Officers. It also addresses all queries and issues related to the use of the portal and maintains an update course database. One of its key tasks is to build partnerships with institutes that provide relevant trainings on subjects relevant to CIDCO. Any enquiries regarding the Training Cell’s activities can be directed to