The training cell conducts 6th Session of ‘Vimarsh’

On November 28, 2018, all participants from the month of October ’18 were invited for the sixth session of vimarsh, out of which 6 participants came to attend. Participants who had gone to ASCI, CRRI, IIML and VNIT attended the discussion. They were satisfied with the overall experience of the training they attended.

Participants who had attended a behavioral training in ASCI were very impressed by the logistics and accommodation allotted for them. One of the female participant acknowledged that the stay was very safe, secure and comfortable. Personal assistance was also available. All the participants, in general, were satisfied with the course and faculties. They suggested that the course could be supplemented with site visits; however, it was informed that for a behavioral course site visit do not set in line with the course objectives.

Participants who had been to IIML were also pleased with the faculty assistance and the facilities provided at the institute. One of the participants mentioned that, “Everything was excellent and we have never attended such kind of training before”. Participants did feel that they had a very hectic schedule as even after the session they were engaged in Group discussions and Case studies. Despite the tiring schedule, the participants wanted to suggest this institute to all CIDCO officers because they felt that the kind of knowledge shared and way of teaching was marvelous. Real life examples quoted during the program were also appreciated. Other participants who attended the program with our participants were from ONGC, LIC and various other reputed organizations. Participants were thankful to Ujjwal for helping and convincing them for the training.

Training Cell also encouraged the participants to submit the study material to Ujjwal team or to the library for other employees to be able to access it. On requesting for an option to search for institutes while selecting the courses, the Training Cell informed that it is an intent of the management for the applicant to go through the course objectives while selecting the course rather than just looking at the institute or the brand name.

All the participants thanked Ujjwal team and JMD I, CIDCO to provide such an opportunity to CIDCO Officials.