Urban Renewal for Dilapidated Areas


CIDCO began the planning and development of Navi Mumbai in the 1970s. The initial developments in Navi Mumbai are more than 40 years old and many of them are in a dilapidated condition.



Promote sustainable neighborhoods in Navi Mumbai Raigad region that are safe, livable and affordable where services are accessible to all residents, and thereby reduce haphazard development  in and around planned nodes.

The following three pronged approach is adopted to achieve urban renewal schemes vision:

  1.   Incremental redevelopment of gaothans and dilapidated housing stock, and Retrofitting of old neighborhoods.
  2.   Leveraging densities and providing alternative forms of mobility to private transport, and efficient management of resources.
  3.   Optimizing infrastructure by introducing new concepts in provision of infrastructural services like water, decentralized waste treatment systems, energy.


Scope of Work

1.Redevelopment of all gaothans** with higher FSI and upto 4 by 2030, and by providing access to basic infrastructure, quality public open spaces, and better quality of internal and external roads.

2.Redevelopment of all dilapidated buildings*** in Navi Mumbai Raigad region by 2020, and by retrofitting them with the new infrastructure technologies  for better building performance.

3.Integration of the transport systems and mobility networks of existing neighborhoods with the newly redeveloping areas.

**   There are 95 Gaothans in Navi Mumbai Notified Area and redevelopment is completely based on voluntary commitment of goathan communities to Cluster Redevelopment Scheme.

***  Total of 63814 tenements with  44394 tenements (35%) more than 30 years of age and 19420 tenements (16%) between 25 to 30 year of age constituting to 51% of the total housing stock constructed by CIDCO.