Smart Tree

©CEL Team: International Innovation Corps


The Smart Tree is an above-ground renewable energy powered wireless ecosystem product for deployment in semi-urban and urban India.

If we imagine a smart city is as a vast neural network with multiple inputs, systems and feedback loops then the Smart Tree can be used as a physical platform that functions as a neuron within a network. The Smart Tree would integrate the supply of self-generated solar energy for wireless mesh network nodes, CCTV cameras and other security equipment, pollution sensors, microclimate sensors, and street lighting into a single physical node.

All data collected by the smart tree network would be routed through the wireless mesh to a central city government control room in real time. In keeping with government priorities, the Smart Tree could provide local users high speed wireless internet connectivity through a separate channel from the backhaul frequency, resulting in seamless connectivity with uninterrupted data collection.

In large metropolitan areas, the Smart Tree could connect areas of the city which are not covered by the traditional fibre optic ICT backbone, while providing disaster resilient urban services.

The key features of a Smart Tree are

• Modularity

• Robustness through network redundancy

• Flexibility

• Sustainability