Smart City Recommendations for Pushpak Nagar, Navi Mumbai

CIDCO proposes the development of Pushpak Nagar, a greenfield Smart City to be developed in Navi Mumbai. The Smart City Lab developed recommendations as under:

1. 25000 – 30000 residents
2. Mixed incomes, possibly single households. Younger demographic (25-44).
3. Mixed Commercial-Residential
Township level amenities
1. Single identity card for all city level amenities- transportation, access to wifi, library, theatre and municipal parking lots etc.
2. Single response dial in number for complaints.
3. High Speed Fibre Optic Network connecting to all buildings, then extendable to individual apartments. Free wifi for limited time (30 minutes) at municipal facilities. Unlimited free wifi with identity card.
4. Tele Health Centers and Digital Libraries at community levels.
5. Township App for community participation and reporting

Urban Design and Urban Form
1. 30-40% dedicated to open spaces (hierarchical open spaces – city and neighborhood and adjoining forest). Maximum accessibility distance to any open space max 400 m.
2. More public open spaces then building/private open spaces.
3. Building facing the streets. No dead walls blocking the pedestrian experience. Ground floor to be commercial.
4. Design based or form based codes rather than traditional zoning
5. Disable friendly design of network infrastructure and internal spaces within blocks
6. Storm water management through SCADA system

1. All major arterials to have dedicated bicycle lanes. Some streets would be dedicated to only pedestrians/bicycles (connected to schools, colleges and transit stations). Wide sidewalks (footpaths) upto 25% of right of way.
2. Seamless multi-modal door to door mobility
3. Circulator Bus Routes to minimize transfers within township. Either electric/hybrid buses and/or possibility of light rail along main commercial strip. Bus information system digital displays (along with commercial ads for revenue generation)
4. Bike share/car share program using id card.
5. Parking Maximum (0 Parking requirement near transit station) else underground parking lots. Very Limited On street parking – metered parking. ITS used for displaying parking availability, possible automated parking
6. Maximum commute time – 15 minutes using mixture of NMT/public transport
7. Smart Traffic Lights to prioritize buses, school children and bicyclists.
8. Recreational bicycling, walking, jogging tracks (around the neighboring forest)
9. Safe connected pedestrian routes to schools, colleges and nearest transit station


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