Smart Bus Shelter

A smart bus shelter is an urban installation that change the typical experience of wasting time waiting for a bus.

A smart bus shelter provides real time information to the users

It provides transit data like route number of next bus, arrival time for the next bus etc. or even available seats in the next bus. It improves the experience of bus travel.

A smart bus shelter is a platform for urban informatics

It interacts with users by way of bus route guide, digital map, destination search, traffic broadcasting station, weather forecast etc. It is an interface through which city can inform its citizens.


A smart bus shelter is inclusive

It considers the requirements of differently-abled, women, children and the elderly. Braille boards and strategically placed buttons aid visually impaired to locate buses by way of touch and announcement. CCTV video recording ensure public safety.

A smart bus shelter is more than a waiting place

It integrates components ranging from mobile charging points to public Wi-Fi to solar panels and much more.

These bus shelters gather real time information by establishing ICT enabled linkages with buses through GPS tracking and RFID tags. LED displays at bus shelter display bus number of arriving buses for facilitating the users. Interactive touch screens in the bus shelter function as city dashboard and act as an interface of city with the users. It makes waiting for a bus no longer cumbersome or unreliable, but rather a fun activity.