Redevelopment of Garjepotis in Navi Mumbai


There are 95 gaothans (villages) that exist within the boundaries of New Town Development Area (NTDA) under the jurisdiction of CIDCO in Navi Mumbai. The Government of Maharashtra has passed a Notification vide March 4th, 2014 regarding Urban Renewal Schemes for comprehensive planned development in an around any gaothan within NTDA.

Urban Renewal Plan (URP) is required in areas having grown in an unplanned and haphazard manner and consisting of:

  1. Authorized and unauthorized structures of the Project Affected Persons.
  2. Other individuals on lands acquired by CIDCO and un-acquired lands as well as lands and structures in Gaothan areas.

In May 2015, the CIDCO Smart City Chair at the National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi undertook an impact assessment study for development of the gaothan area.


The redevelopment of three urban villages and their extensions are envisioned

  1. Karave
  2. Dapoli – Pargaon
  3. Shelghar

Scope of Work

  1. Survey of gaothan on to a GIS platform compulsorily having the layers detailed here
  2. Tabulating and collating ownership details based on plot size and land value
  3. Sub-division of cluster through a continuous network of roads linked to the broader city network with an alternate grid for non-motorized modes
  4. Infrastructure Plan for service delivery
  5. Development of Urban Design guidelines based on a Form Based Code
  6. Development of policy for land use focusing on mixed use development
  7. Delineation of plots for amenities and revenue generation
  8. Demarcation of all plots
  9. Tabulation of final plot sizes and land value increments
  10. Calculation of betterment fee towards respective cooperative society
  11. Citizen engagement at relevant stages
  12. Parking management plan – on street and off street
  13. DCR for public amenities and social infrastructure
  14. Detailed street design with equitable space for all modes especially pedestrian and bicycle.
  15. Green and blue networks with plantation guide, rain water harvesting system, sustainable urban drainage system etc.
  16. Energy Efficiency Plan
  17. Phase-wise development
  18. Facilitation Centre