Lessons from Ujjwal

About the Feedback

CIDCO’s Online Training Management System Ujjwal has now been online for 5 months. It has facilitated participation of over hundred CIDCO officers in over fifty courses from different institutes across the country. Upon the participation of a CIDCO Officer in a course through Ujjwal, they submit a detailed Feedback based on their experience. This Feedback collects information on 15 parameters grouped into three different sections – Course Content, Course and Training Cell & Feedback. The sections are structured as follows:

  • The Feedback starts with the purpose for participation in the course. Officers have the choice of picking one or more out of the following:
    • Immediate need for everyday tasks
    • Professional growth
    • Personal growth
    • Any other reasons
  • About the course content: In five questions, this section covers the quality and applicability of content of the course among others. Responses for this section were on a four point scale with ‘Strongly Agree’, ‘Agree’, ‘Disagree’ and ‘Strongly Disagree’ as the responses.
  • About the course: In six questions, this section covers the course delivery mechanism, instructors and the training institute.
  • About the training cell & portal: This section has three questions and it goes over the quality of support received by the Officers throughout the process from the Training Cell and the portal itself.
  • All of the responses are collected on a four-point scale with ‘Outstanding’, ‘Good’, ‘Requires Improvement’ and ‘Poor’ as the responses.
  • Finally, the Officers have the option of submitting Additional comments or suggestions at the end to give an insight to their experience and as opportunity to air any grievances.

This article highlights some of the feedback submitted by CIDCO Officers through this Feedback system. Ujjwal currently has 829 registered users. Out of these, 483 employees have logged into Ujjwal at least once. Over 140 of these officers have registered and participated in training through Ujjwal in the last 5 months. Out of these 129 Officers have submitted their feedback.

129 CIDCO Officers have submitted their feedback for their experiences of training through Ujjwal. Response for selected questions is shared here: