Conversation with Development Officer of Estate – MTS II department

  • Name – Mr. Umesh Pote
  • Designation-  Development Officer, Estate – MTS II
  • Training- Managing self and others for higher performance
  • Institute- Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
  • Date- 11th – 13th December 2017

How was your experience attending “Managing self and others for higher performance” from Management Development Institute? Can you please detail out few topics that made it more interesting?

This was my first visit to Gurgaon, I am thankful to CIDCO and Ujjwal for giving me an opportunity to undergo this excellent training. The structure of the training was nice; it was very interactive and not theoretical. The accommodation and the premises was good. The faculties were well qualified and thorough with their subjects. Contributing to self-development and managerial effectiveness, the basic motive of the training was to enhance the understanding of others and ourselves at workplace. They had included case studies, interactive sessions and psychometric assessments for our self-assessment and understanding. The session on communication carried on a one-to-one basis and had direct interaction with other participants.

Do you think this course helped you in your current role and how do you relate this course to your daily life personally as well as professionally?

I joined CIDCO couple of years back so I am still new to this organization. Coming from a private sector job, for me CIDCO was a different world altogether. Initially, I faced a few difficulties adjusting to this environment. There were a few hindrances between my subordinates and me. Therefore, after coming back from the training, I started emphasizing on trying to understand others’ perspective by conducting regular meetings and by identifying the hurdles we face in our daily routine. One of the module on interpersonal effectiveness was also beneficial.

Although I am still assessing my efficiency after the training, but I can already see some improvements in my working style.

Who all were the participants and how was your interaction with other participants?

The participants were from different organisations, it was mix of Public and Private sectors. They were participants from Ministry of Defence, Barco Electronics, Indiabulls, Bosch Ltd., O. P. Jindal Global University and a few participants from Nepal as well. The participants from Nepal belonged to the banking sector. Different people from different backgrounds sharing experiences was a good opportunity to interact with them and learn from their experiences. We shared many ideas and our knowledge as well.

What was the best part of this training? If you want to highlight anything in particular.

Understanding self and others was interesting session. It was about understanding your personality, how personality affects your behaviour and working as a leader, how to deal with persons of a different personality types. JOHARI window concept gave us a clarity on how to enhance interpersonal effectiveness. It was very interesting and informative session.

Do you think a similar course will benefit CIDCO employees? If yes, how?

I would definitely recommend this kind of training to all middle and senior level management employees of CIDCO. Managing Self and others for higher performance will certainly help in motivating self & others through effective leadership styles. People from middle level has a crucial role to play in CIDCO. Effective communication & interpersonal effectiveness are important in this case. They have to interact with higher management as well as their subordinates.