Conversation with Assistant Executive Engineer of Engineering Department

  • Name – Mr. Milind Bhangaonkar
  • Designation – Assistant Executive Engineer, Engineering Department
  • Training – Contract Management and Dispute Resolution in Engineering Projects
  • Institute – Engineering Staff College of India
  • Dates – 7-11th May 2018

How was your experience attending Contract Management and Dispute Resolution in Engineering Projects from Engineering Staff College of India, Hyderabad? Can you please detail out few topics that made it more interesting?

The course was very good. The faculties, having vast experience of more than 30 years, were selected based on their knowledge and experience on the subject. They were masters in their fields. The structure of the training effectively incorporated the wide topics in sessions of 2-3 hours. The faculties had high expertise to be able to explain the details of the topics within the limited time. All the lectures were very good but I would specifically like to highlight two lectures – First – the lecture on the first day about the Principles of Law of Contract and Indian Contract Act by Dr. Shaikh Nazim Ahmed Shafi. Being a lawyer, he had a good command over the subject. He had many examples and he thoroughly explained legal aspects for every detail in his lecture. Second – Lecture by Dr. P. Bhaskara Mohan, an expert in arbitration, is also a practicing lawyer in the High court and the Supreme Court. In his lecture, he taught a specific part on arbitration and conducted a simulation exercise. It was outstanding. In this exercise, I got the opportunity to be an arbitrator and our arbitration award was nearest to the standard award calculated by the faculty.

Do you think this course helped you in your current role and how do you relate this course to your day-to-day life personally as well as professionally?

The course is helpful because a significant portion of engineering projects require us to deal with the legal matters. On a daily basis, we handle many contracts where a possibility for a dispute related to contract management and law is always there. This course will be definitely helpful at some such point of time, not only for me but also for my colleagues working in CIDCO. Being an engineer, I have attended many trainings; however, simulation exercise like the one done here will be definitely helpful.

How is the programme different from other programmes you attended?

From all the trainings I have attended, many things made this programme unique. The campus had a nice ambience; it was calm, quiet and full of greenery and nature. The sessions were crafted according to the age group of the participants and the subjects. They were interactive, had many case studies and never felt over-loaded with lectures, especially the post-lunch sessions. The exercises during the sessions were helpful. The city tour after the sessions was a good way to keep us fresh and active for the next day. However, I would like to suggest them to avoid repetitions in the content of the subject. If they could review and add other topics, it will be more helpful.

Who all were the participants and how was your interaction with other participants.

There were 12 participants from all over India. In addition to CIDCO participants, some were from Military Engineering Services, Ordinance factory, Private sector and State PWDs. It was mix of public and private sector. We interacted well within the course. We collaborated during discussion sessions and worked together to come up with solutions for various issues.

Do you think a similar course will benefit CIDCO employees? If yes, how?

Definitely, a similar programme will be helpful. This programme can help the employees handle the contracts and disputes in work efficiently. It is always advantageous to know the current law, present scenario, amendments and the possible disputes in the workplace. Therefore, I would suggest this course for all levels of employees in CIDCO, especially to those dealing with contracts during their service tenure.