Conversation with Senior Draftsman of Engineering Department

  • Name – Mr. Durgadas Mahajan
  • Designation- Senior Draftsman, Engineering Department
  • Training- Positive Organizational Behaviour
  • Institute- Administrative Staff College of India
  • Date– 12 – 14 February 2018

You recently attended a course on Positive Organisational Behaviour in ASCI, Hyderabad. How was your experience?

I had an excellent experience. The campus was really good and I really liked the facilities that were provided to us. All the objectives mentioned in the training program were fully covered. The participants were involved in many group discussions and tasks. Faculties, including Prof. Suhasini, gave equal attention to every participant and also motivated the introverts to express their opinions. The topics covered were on communication skills, leadership quality and motivation. The lecture by Prof. Vikramaditya Duggal on leadership was very good, it taught us many ways to deal with our coordinators and have positive attitude towards our work.

How is the programme different from other programmes that you have attended?

I have participated in many technical trainings in the past but this was my first behavioural training. I am truly satisfied with this course, I would definitely love to go for similar trainings in the future and my preference would always be ASCI. Even in my department I have suggested my colleagues to go for a training in this Institute.

Who were the participants and how was your interaction with them?

There were 11 participants from different cities from both the sectors but a majority of them came from the private sector. A majority of the participants were from the National Small Scale Industry, Delhi, the Sarthi group, Kerala, coast guards and factory managers of JK cements. We interacted with other participants as well.

Has it made any positive impacts in your personal behavioural insights?

Yes, of-course, since this was a behavioural course it has helped me mould my way of thinking. It teaches how one should work in a team and how to communicate with your colleagues. The way of handling my work changed after attending this programme and now I am able to take the ownership of my work. There is a definite change in my behaviour. The course has changed my way of thinking towards this organization and my colleagues.

Would you like to suggest this or similar program to anyone in the organization?

I would like to suggest that all the senior level employees of CIDCO should go for this course. It is a very good course and it will definitely help grow CIDCO as an organization.