Conversation with Associate Planner of Planning Department

  • Name –  Mr. Ashitosh Nikhade 
  • Designation – Associate Planner, Planning Department
  • Training – Taking People Along: Managing by Persuasion
  • Institute – IIM, Ahmedabad
  • Date – 31st July – 5th August 2017

What is your opinion about the course Taking People Along: Managing by Persuasion which took place in Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad? Can you please detail out a few topics which made it more interesting?

The course was structured thoughtfully with highly competent published faculty. The faculty had excellent communication skills. The course offered classroom training in the first two days and was followed by site visits to avoid monotony. The highlight of the first two days was our senior speaker, Mr. M. M. Moili, who had an excellent command on the medium. At the end of each session, we were given some course materials and were expected to come prepared next day. We were encouraged to participate more in the group discussions and team talks. The class had a good mix of participants from public & private sectors. The groups were divided such that everyone got a chance to speak. In-depth knowledge in the subject were assessed and finer aspects were covered through examples. The training was so good that I would love to go to IIMA again for a different managerial training.

Do you think this course helped you in your current role and how do you relate this course to your day to day life personally as well as professional?

Just before this training program, I was promoted to a Managerial Role as a section head. That’s when I could explore the opportunity of being a leader; it was also the reason for choosing this course. The course has helped me take up my new assigned responsibilities effectively. I now understand the ownership of the assigned task, framework of delegation of work and being open-minded. Not only have I learnt to communicate better, but also the right body language required for an effective expression which I feel is very important at the mid-tier management.

You mentioned on an effective design and delivery of the course. Can you elaborate on the design of the course that actually led to the right delivery of the training objectives? 

Each of the training sessions were clubbed with group discussions and field visits. I would like to share one of the field visits which I liked the most. Completely unaware of the subject, we were taken to the blind school and a visually impaired instructor took us to a dark basement. We were divided into two batches and were told about the things present in our surroundings. Then, we were instructed to move around for half an hour in the pitch-dark room. After a snack in the dark, there was a film screening which only had an audio but no visuals. After coming back, we were asked about our experiences. The experiences was co-related and we were then explained that this is similar to going to  a new organization or getting assigned a new role. Therefore, you need to communicate to others to get through new things. It was one of the best experiences throughout the training; completely out of the box experience. The style of teaching was in IIMA way, if I may say it, which is to educate through experiences and use theory sparsely.

If other CIDCO employees are sent for similar courses, how do you think they will be benefited?

For people looking forward to enhance their knowledge should consider IIMA as the right institute. Employees genuinely interested in the topic and aware of its relevance should go for this programme. Institutes like IIMA can be enjoyed best when our level of interest is as high as the celebrated and spirited faculty. Trainings like these are important for the managers but unfortunately, nobody volunteers and we have to force the employees. This is an important training for all middle level managers. Everyone should get the opportunity of being at a campus like IIMA and get a chance to explore their strengths & weaknesses in communication.