Conversation with Marketing Manager – Marketing Department

  • Name: Ms. Margaja Kiran Killekar
  • Designation: Marketing Manager II- Marketing II
  • Training: Creativity, Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Institute: Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
  • Date: 26th – 30th November 2018

You have recently attended a course on Creativity, Problem Solving and Decision Making. How was your experience?

I have attended a training from IIML earlier as well. Just like the previous trainings, this was equally good. They have an excellent faculty. The main topics covered during the course were understanding problem solving and decision making process, ways to analyse a situation, understanding an alternate thinking process, benefits of solving problems, identifying and overcoming the barriers in the decision-making process, leadership and more. The activities in this training included projects, activities, group discussions and problem solving.

Among all the activities, a group assignment was given to us. The activity involved making a tower from minimum cost and achieving maximum benefits ins a limited time frame. We had to purchase things for the project and complete it. Mr. Sanjay, an IAS officer gave an excellent lecture. A movie on 26/11 was screened and explained in detail. A half day tour of the city along with the guide was an icing on the cake.

Do you think this course helped you in your current role and how do you relate this course to your day to day life personally as well as professionally?

After attending this training, I feel more confident in completing my tasks at work. Recently, I had a meeting at CMs office and I was confident enough to face the issues discussed in the scheduled meeting. I can feel these changes in myself after the training. My personality has developed and I am more positive towards my professional life. Now I can proudly say that I am becoming a good manager day by day.

Who all were the participants and how was your interaction with other participants.?

There was a mix of public and private sector, participants were from Coast Guard, BPCL, Banks, etc. All the participants were very friendly and supportive. Knowledge sharing and Hand-holding among the participants also took place. I come to know about the working style of other organizations.

What was the best part of this training? If you want to highlight anything in particular.

Groups of two participants were made for an assignment on leadership style. One was asked to be a leader and the other one as a follower. The follower was blind folded and had to follow the instructions from the leader. This act helped us to learn that one should believe, listen and follow his leader to achieve success in any team work or project.

How do you think if other CIDCO employees go for similar course would be benefitted?

I definitely recommend this course to all CIDCO officers especially DO and above.

How is the programme different from other programmes you attended?

I have attended many trainings in the past and two trainings through Ujjwal in IIMA and IIML. The arrangement and assistance provided by Ujjwal training cell is really appreciable and certainly trainings in IIMs are the best.