Conversation with Deputy Chief Fire Officer – Fire department

  • Name: Mr. Vijay Shantaram Rane
  • Designation: Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Fire
  • Training: The winning edge: communication strategy for leaders
  • Institute: Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • Date: 24th – 29th September 2018

You have recently attended a course on Leading with Emotional Intelligence. How was your experience?

The training was very good. They had specified expert faculties for all the topics. One of the faculties asked us to share my experience regarding strategic management. Out of many emergency cases I experience, I got a chance to explain one of the strategy management technique I used in case of an emergency.

Do you think this course helped you in your current role and how do you relate this course to your daily life (personal and professional)?

Despite the fact that the course is not so relevance with our job in the fire department, the way they taught us has turned out to be highly beneficial. The course was on communication strategy for leaders and in my current position the learnings of this course is helping me a lot. This course has helped me in understanding the difference between perception and reality. I believe the skills that I learnt will help me in taking better decisions in the future.

Who all were the participants and how was your interaction with other participants?

Most of the participants were from different MNCs. The interactions with them led to many healthy discussions. For every task or assignment, we were divided in groups. The discussions and interactions within the group during the exercises helped us know each other and share our ideas.

What was the best part of this training? If you want to highlight anything in particular?

The participants were divided in groups of 4-5. After the lecture, the members of the team were instructed to gather in a room and prepare for the next day. The best part of the training was that we were kept busy all the time. It was made very clear that their idea is to make the participants learn and not take the training casually.

How do you think if other CIDCO employees go for similar course would be benefitted?

I would suggest this course for the top line leaders of all the departments in CIDCO. As far as my department is concerned, my recommendation would be to have more technical courses relevant to our field.

What are your views about implementation of Ujjwal in CIDCO?

I am highly satisfied with Ujjwal services and I am willing to go for a next training again soon. I would also like to thank our management to provide us such a great opportunity.