Conversation with Assistant Law Officer – Legal department

  • Name: Ms. Poonam Amardeep Shinge
  • Designation: Assistant Law Officer, Legal
  • Trainings:
    1. Understanding Environmental Laws for Better Compliance; Centre for Science and Environment, Alwar; 18th – 22nd September, 2017
    2. Communication, Presentation Skills and Report Writing; Indian Institute of Management, Indore; 14th – 16th January 2019

You have recently attended a course on Communication, Presentation Skills and Report Writing. How was your experience?

I have done two residential trainings through Ujjwal. My training experience in both the trainings was excellent. The first training was on Understanding Environmental Laws for better Compliance in Centre for Science and Environment. The faculty in this training were very good and made the topic very simple. The second training in IIM, Indore also had excellent faculty.

Do you think this course helped you in your current role and how do you relate this course to your daily life (personal and professional)?

The content taught in my second course on communication and report writing is a part of my current profile and has helped me a lot. In my daily routine, I have to give my opinion on different files. Report writing training has played an important role in improved my writing and communication skills. Apart from these two trainings, I have also attended a customized training on RTI which was also very helpful. The first course I attended hasn’t been so useful in my daily work as of now but it might be useful if I am transferred to some other department.

Who all were the participants and how was your interaction with other participants?

The participants were from different organisations, both public and private. They were from different fields like planning, engineering, scientists, etc. In both the trainings, I got many opportunities to have discussions with the fellow participants.

How do you think if other CIDCO employees go for similar course would be benefited?

Of-course, especially the course on communications, presentation skills and report writing is highly relevant for CIDCO Officers and I strongly recommend it.

What are your views about implementation of Ujjwal in CIDCO?

Ujjwal team is doing a great job in helping CIDCO in its Capacity Building model. It will go a long way.