Conversation with Accountant – Accounts department

  • Name: Mr. Yogesh Thakur
  • Designation: Accountant – Accounts
  • Training: Advanced Financial Management
  • Institute: Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad
  • Date: 11th – 13th February 2019

You recently attended a course on Advanced Financial Management. How was your experience?

Course was very useful and the content of the course was very good. It helped me in improving my knowledge about financial management. The latest updates on GST in the course were very useful to know the current situation of our country. The overall experience was very good. The food, boarding and lodging facilities were up to the mark and everybody liked it. I think everyone should attend similar kind of trainings.

Do you think this course helped you in your current role and how do you relate this course to your daily life (personal and professional)?

This was a technical course related to my field, it gave me a chance to learn about GST and work towards the financial aspects of the role I have been given in CIDCO. The learnings from this course is surely going to contribute in my daily activities. The case studies discussed during the training were highly relevant to my current role of handling proposal section. For example, one of the case studies was on credit rating of the companies. CIDCO is financing some major projects and we prepare the abstracts. So, the ways to judge and analyse the situation of a market, taught during the training, will definitely help me in my current profile.

Who were your fellow participants and how was your interaction with them?

Participants came from different institutes and organisations in all over India. All the participants were senior managers working in the finance department of different public sector organisations. It was very fruitful to share my thoughts with them because but they handle multiple tasks and in CIDCO we have a very typical kind of work. Some of them were from Indian Navy and Indian Railways as well and they were handling projects of big budget. The participants came with varied experience, for example, some people working on purchases were handling purchases at the national level. I also got to discuss about e-portals that many government organisations are now using.

What was the best part of this training? If you want to highlight anything in particular.

There were many relevant case studies. I feel that the special lecture on GST and Taxes Law from a person from the GST’s core team responsible for forming the GST was excellent and very helpful. We had lot of queries and they managed to resolved almost all of them.

How do you think if other CIDCO employees go for similar course would be benefitted?

Yes, I definitely recommend this course for all the employees in CIDCO’s Accounts Department because this is a very relevant course for our department.

What are your views about implementation of Ujjwal in CIDCO?

After the introduction of Ujjwal attending a training has become much easier. Earlier we had to go to different Institute’s website and scroll hundreds of courses. However, in Ujjwal, one can find all the courses from different institutes under one platform and it is so easy to select them. You just have to select three courses as per your interest and your role in CIDCO. I really want to thank the training portal team for providing us such a wonderful platform.