CIDCO@Smart – Volume 1, Issue 1

In April 2015, the CIDCO Smart City Lab launched its first quarterly newsletter detailing the team’s activities between January 2015 and March 2015. The newsletter titled ‘CIDCO@Smart’ gives an insight into the work done by the smart cities unit in the areas of Research, Capacity Building, Innovation and Project support for CIDCO.

The first edition of the newsletter brings key recommendations from the Workshop on Strategic Planning for JNPTIA, highlights and engaging visuals from a study on redevelopment of Gaothans (Urban villages) in Navi Mumbai and an analysis of the trends from the last 5 socio-economic surveys of Navi Mumbai – covering a period of 20 years, from 1995 to 2010. Between this period the team also completed over 30 semi structured interviews of HODs and senior staff at CIDCO. The newsletter presents outcomes of a survey (informed by these interviews) completed by HODs and senior staff  aimed at identifying the most important actions for CIDCO going forward.

In this newsletter, we have also captured one smart city idea idea from a global best practice to stimulate thinking towards citizen centric services in cities. We hope the newsletter will be the first in a series of many capturing the exciting and important work done at CIDCO along with building a narrative for a smarter ‘Navi Mumbai’.

You can download the newsletter here.