CIDCO Training Portal: Ujjwal

NIUA-CIDCO Smart City Lab was established in July 2014 at the National Institute of Urban Affairs as the research and capacity building unit, providing support to CIDCO’s technical personnel through action research, documentation and capacity building. Since its formation, the lab has supported CIDCO in a variety of activities, including the launch of CIDCO Smart City (South) in 2015. Entering its 4th year, NIUA-CIDCO Smart City Lab is now aiding the implementation of CIDCO’s new Training Policy through Ujjwal, CIDCO’s first online Training Portal. The Training Policy was approved by the CIDCO Board as a step towards achieving the objectives set under the ‘Smart Organisation’ vertical of CIDCO’s Smart City Vision. Its key objective is to overcome barriers to training and knowledge enhancement for all Class I & Class II CIDCO officers.

Ujjwal is an integrated platform that provides access to a wide choice of managerial, technical and behavioural courses from world-class institutes, through a user-friendly interface. It was custom made for CIDCO by NIUA’s web development unit and launched on 5th July 2017. It can be accessed at The portal is built upon three primary datasets:

  • Existing Employee as per SAP: This data includes phone number, email address, age, experience, designation, cadre and reporting officer.
  • Institutes: A list of partner institutes who offer relevant trainings. This includes location of the institute and details for the contact person.
  • Courses: A list of courses offered by partner institutes and organisations that CIDCO officers can apply to participate in. This includes details about the course such as course description, intended audience, start and end date, registration deadline and fees.

NIUA-CIDCO Smart City Lab is currently working to integrate Ujjwal with CIDCO’s SAP system in order to allow real-time updates to the employee database, accounting for all new hires, promotions, retirements, etc. Since its launch, the portal has already registered 137 visitors within the first three weeks of its launch. At the time of publication of this Newsletter, participation of 77 officers have registered their interest in training through the portal, out of which, 37 trainings have been already approved for 56 CIDCO officers. As of 31 July, 2017, 13 CIDCO officers would have completed participation in 9 trainings.