CIDCO@Smart – Volume 2, issue 1

CIDCO Smart City Lab publishes Volume 2 Number 1 of its newsletter, detailing the team’s activities between January 2016 and March 2016. This issue captures the National Smart City mission in elaborate details and the highlights of the first 20 cities that were announced as early winners of the mission in January 2016. The newsletter looks at the game changing interventions in the smart cities mission such as demand driven planning, learning and replicability, special purpose vehicle and convergence, and discusses them across the lighthouse cities. It also presents preliminary analyses of several emerging themes the SCPs focus on, which include integrated mobility, environmental sustainability, use of information and communication technology and financial resource management. Beyond the national smart cities mission, the newsletter in the section ‘smart city corner’, engages the readers in a comparison of the smart city programme in India and the US. This section also discusses latest technology used in France for sustainable district wide heating and cooling. Additionally the newsletter features snapshots of three top ranked cities of the first cycle of national smart cities mission- Bhubaneswar, Pune and Jaipur, with highlights of their SCPs that make them stand apart from the rest. With contents that cover the expanse of the smart cities mission of India, this newsletter is intended as a summary of the SCPs of the 20 lighthouse cities.

The Newsletter can be viewed here.