CIDCO attends 6th Annual Affordable Housing Projects conference at Singapore

The 6th Annual Affordable Housing Projects conference was held in Singapore from 15 – 17 April 2015 to learn how to secure a long term increase in the supply of affordable housing by implementing more strategic plans to ensure greater efficiencies in delivery. It also looked at innovative approaches to fulfill housing demand and drive sustainable development as well as examine the relationship between Governments and the private sector to harness the abilities of all stakeholders to accelerate provision of affordable homes. The major challenges include securing financing, designing inclusive communities and administering the right technologies.

The conference examined the various financing options for developers and individuals as well as innovative construction methods using economically viable energy efficient technologies. Furthermore it reviewed housing policies, profiling the needs of communities, promoting capacity building of local Governments, as well as explored urban planning and redevelopment initiatives which are being adopted across the regions to meet the explosive demand for affordable housing.

The delegation from CIDCO consisted of

  1. Ms. Rekha Dhar, Additional Chief Architect
  2. Mr. R. B. Dhayatkar, SE & Adm. of KHR-II
  3. Ms. Manjula Nayak, TPO


Excerpts from our interview with Ms. Rekha Dhar

What were the objectives of the conference?

Primarily the objectives were to discuss the new trends in affordable housing developed by the Singapore government. The topics revolved around community planning and inclusive design, alternative materials and technologies, housing finance and sustainable constructions. I believe as different countries have different parameters, the definitions of affordability in Singapore may not be completely applicable in India.

In Singapore there are centralised affordability norms that make housing affordable. Similarly, in India we need to have centralised norms for better implementation of affordable housing. The Central Government’s ‘Housing for All’ policy could help in achieving this goal.


Were topics such as development of policies and centralised norms covered in the conference?

The topics of discussion in the conference were primarily affordable housing scenarios in different countries. However, a few presentations showcased norms and urban design scenarios developed by the Singapore Housing Development Board (HDB). We can learn from those case studies and emulate them in Navi Mumbai.

To support these discussions, the conference also included a site visit to an affordable housing project at Duxton in Singapore.


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