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The training cell conducts fifth session of ‘Vimarsh’

Fifth Session of Vimarsh took place on 24th October 2018 with the objective of understanding and sharing the participant feedback in regard to their learnings, stay, faculty and the institute they sent to. Participants also spoke about the ease of using Ujjwal and the expected future trainings.  14 employees participated in the discussion forum bringing forward varied experiences from institutes like IIM-A, IIM-C, ISB, ASCI, ESCI and IRMA-Anand.

Employees who went to IIMA were extremely happy with the standard of the training and the course delivery. The course on Theory of Relativity helped them understand the dynamic nature of an organizational setup, ways to establish a relationship matrix and understand the authority in the organizational set up. The other course conducted at Ahmedabad campus engaged the participants extensively in assignments and role plays for enhancing communication strategies. They were also happy with Ujjwal Team’s assistance on course selection. Participants who went to IIMC, ESCI and IRMA appreciated the overall course content and delivery by faculty, campus premises, boarding and food arrangements. They were impressed by the punctuality and professionalism maintained throughout the training programme. Participant who attended training in IIMC praised the faculty for modifying the course content as per participants’ expectations.

Emphasizing on the benefits of the attended training in personal and professional growth, the participants requested the training cell to insist every employee of CIDCO to attend a training. Some participants suggested cross-functional learning within different departments in CIDCO, in response the training cell explained them the procedure to raise customized training programme request for the same.

Most of the employees were happy with their learning experience through Ujjwal. They appreciated efforts done by the training cell and were thankful to the management for providing such an opportunity to CIDCO employees.

CIDCO Smart City Lab participates and help organize CITIIS Preparatory Workshop

The CITIIS program, launched by Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), financed by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Union (EU) organised a national-level Preparatory workshop for 100 smart cities on 25-26th September 2018 in New Delhi. Under the program, 15 projects from the city’s Smart City Proposals will be selected through a challenge process. CIDCO Smart City Lab participated and actively helped in organizing the 2-day workshop.

NIUA-CIDCO Smart City Lab Publishes Volume 4, Issue 2 of CIDCO@Smart

CIDCO Smart City Lab publishes Volume 4 – Issue 2 of its newsletter ‘CIDCO@Smart’, detailing the team’s activities between April and June 2018. Concentrating on the bus transport networks, this special issue takes different case studies from all around the world. It identifies the issues and challenges faced by the bus systems and the subsequent articles focuses on various best practice models in different cities around the world.

The newsletter is available for viewing and downloading here.

The training cell conducts 4th session of ‘Vimarsh’

The training cell conducted 4th session of ‘Vimarsh’ on 3rd August 2018 where they spoke with all available training participants of June ’18. These participants had attended training programs in different institutes like ASCI, CSE, ESCI, IIMC and IIRS. The discussion was specific to experiences and individual feedback on course contents and the institutes.

IIRS and CSE received positive reviews, the participants were quite happy with the course delivery. The course in IIRS provided the participants with worthy insights on application of GIS and an opportunity to interact with the senior scientists on its use. Engineers who attended the training at CSE were impressed by the energy efficiency and resource management practices implemented in its campus introduced during the training and through various experiences shared by practicing architects.

The participants were happy with their program in ASCI and were keen on recommending the Institute to others. The site visits during the training helped them understand the topic thoroughly. They found the campus, accommodation and food exceptionally good. They felt the course was very informative, however one of the participant felt that the programme was more relevant to beginners and inclined towards project administrators rather than planners. This participant also felt that Ujjwal has very few courses for planners, while it was duly conveyed that there are lot more courses for planning department and almost all officials from planning have already gone for the related courses of their interest and relevance to their roles in the department. Several courses relevant to planning available on the portal are repetitively organized every year by respective organizations. Training cell also explained that employees can always suggest courses to be uploaded.

Overall employees had very good feedback regarding trainings. They appreciated efforts done by Training Cell and were thankful to the management to provide such an opportunity to CIDCO employees.

Director, NIUA presents at 3rd Transforming Urban Landscape in Lucknow

The convention ‘Transforming Urban Landscape: 3rd Anniversary Celebration of PMAY(U), AMRUT & Smart Cities Mission’  was held in Lucknow on 27th and 28th July 2018. Prof. Jagan Shah, Director, NIUA stressed on the significance of capacity building to achieve goals of urban missions and presented the case-study of CIDCO’s capacity building programme in Lucknow. The presentation emphasized on CIDCO’s training policy and the implementation of training portal UJJWAL.

The training cell conducts third session of ‘Vimarsh’

Third session of Vimarsh was concluded on 28th June 2018. The discussion was specific on the courses attended by CIDCO Officers and their individual feedbacks on course contents and institute. All training participants from the month of May ’18 were invited. Participants who had gone to ASCI, CSE, ESCI, INGAF, IIMA and NPC attended the discussion.

Most of the feedbacks received were positive. Participants who had gone for training to Administrative Staff College of India were very happy. Their training consisted of site visits as well, which was very useful to their day-to-day work life. Institutes Like ASCI and ESCI also arranges city tour for their participants.

One of the senior leader suggested that junior employees should take the trainings seriously and select training according to their profile and projects they are working on. The senior leader expected some more solemnity to the learnings during the course. One of the participant requested for specific courses for her department, where Training Cell informed her about few relevant courses and conveyed her on any further inputs or suggestions for adding more courses that are specific.

Overall employees had a very good experience regarding training. They appreciated efforts done by the Training Cell and were thankful to the management to provide such an opportunity to CIDCO employees.

The training cell conducts second ‘Vimarsh’ session

Second session of ‘Vimarsh’ took place on 11th May, 2018. All training attendees from the month of March and April 2018 were invited. 13 participants who went to ASCI, ESCI, IIMB, NPC and NCTSR attended the discussion.

The feedback received was positive and almost all of them intend to bring a change, either at their personal or professional desk. Participants who had gone for training to IIMB were specifically very happy and recommended that each employee of CIDCO should go there at least once. One of the participants said, “IIMB focuses on complete development and apart from the training also teaches ways to overcome stress.”

Upon a query, the training cell informed the participants that the selection of courses is done on the basis of TNA done for the employees of CIDCO and prior to upload, the courses are approved from the respective HODs and JMD. Some participants suggested on conducting specialized trainings and were subsequently explained about customized trainings and the request procedure.

Many of the participants had attended a training for the first time and would like to have such trainings in future as well.

NIUA-CIDCO Smart City Lab publishes Volume 4, Issue 1 of its newsletter

NIUA-CIDCO Smart City Lab publishes CIDCO@Smart Volume 4, Issue 1 detailing the team’s activities from January 2018 to March 2018. The newsletter gives an insight into the work done by the Smart City Lab team in the areas of Research, Capacity Building, Innovation and Project support for CIDCO.

It is available for viewing and downloading here.

The training cell initiated ‘Vimarsh’ workshops

The objective of the workshop was to initiate a dialogue with the participants to know more about the institute they went to, their accommodation and their learning.  All participants in the month of February’18 were invited. Participants who had gone to ASCI, IRMA, CSIR-CRRI and ESCI attended the discussion.

During the discussion, almost all participants spoke individually about the institute, the accommodation, the faculty/instructors, learnings from the training, and how they would like to make a difference through this training.

The idea behind Vimarsh is to have a healthy and interactive discussion with the participants and discuss about their experiences during the training. This will allow them to know about other institutes apart from the institute they have already attended.

NIUA-CIDCO Smart City Lab attends workshops and discussions

NIUA-CIDCO Smart City Lab participated in the WSDS 2018, organised by TERI, by attending the thematic workshop on ‘Strengthening an evidence-based policy framework for sustainable transport’ on 15th Feb, 2018. NIUA-CIDCO Smart City lab also attended the stakeholder discussion on ‘India Urban Mobility Study’ organized jointly by TERI, World Bank and the ITF on 16th Mar, 2018.